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{Calling 611} Hello Rogers, This is a Cellphone Emergency!

Weirder, and yes, more serious things have happened, but it doesn't mean this situation is okey dokey. It certainly doesn't mean you have a pass to tell me it's 'impossible' that you messed up about said situation either.

I am rather beefed up about a cell phone privacy issue and possible cell phone charges with Rogers; Rather than go through all the anger again, I am going to post a cell screen shot from my Facebook rant.

Like it says, Rogers doesn't seem to think this is as crazy of a situation as I do. The lady told me that 'that's impossible' and someone will get back to me in a couple days. Blah blah blah, thanks for nothing right?

She was quick to change my My5 list to people I actually knew. If that was to hide the fact, I took a cell snapshot before and after the call. The difference between the shots - besides the digits? My new list says I can't change my fav's for a month.

Listen Rogers: I didn't change my My5 list, you did - twice now actually ;)

Anyways, I posted the same cell snapshot on Twitter last night from @AugmentedGem to @RogersHelps, and seems to have got some interest. *crosses fingers, to keep from giving the f.u finger*

Privacy concerns are huge nowadays. It's because of the technology age that we're in that most leaks occur. However, there was one privacy issue I read about stemming from a paper incident.

A lady sued the company for her husband linking her cell to their home services. When the new bundled bill came, he found out she was having an affair, and left her. Now this must be why I need to put my husband on the phone as verification,when I make our account changes ;)

Another concern I have is: where did my My5 list go?! Who has my contact list that they lost? I wouldn't doubt it that it's 'out there' somewhere. But no one will look into the matter, because 'that's impossible'.

I call bullshit.

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