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Aged and Engaged in 30

The time has passed and molded itself. Not sure of where the seasons begin and end.

It's been a year of change. None of it was anticipated. The things I wanted done left not, and the things I've never drempt have been.

An old job behind, with a new one in it's place. The new is now old again, bringing with it comfort. That feeling of belonging, knowing, and enjoying.

The idea that my job does not make me, only makes me stronger, is a great one. The hauling makes my body better, age not detectable. I am capable, with my body strong.

An old friend left, never to be replaced. A best friend. My Smoochie. The softest soul, sweetest in heart. I clung to her for forgiveness, but I had to let her go. She's a forgiver, that feline. Forever to be missed. Better in health, stronger in heaven.

A new friend before that, Miss Mya. Rottweiler with a past. Her family forgot to love, we however will not. She will be kept and loved, and remind us to better enjoy each other, to enjoy our time. A new stitching, binding us. Reminding us playfully.

Without Mya, the loss of Smoochie would be greater in time and heart. My friend has helped me along. Made my heart ache less. Hers is better too.

Things come apart, only to come back together, better. That has been the lesson of 29. There is no planning worth sticking to when the universe has another course mapped.

That dog you'd always wanted but would never have had, is something to be missed. She cannot be your running partner through life from someone else's home.

Restrictions don't allow growth. Limits are only limitations. Fears are followed for far too long. Life is short, so we shall live now.

Tommorrow is my birthday. I'll be 30. Smarter, stronger, healthier, and hella lot funnier.

As the years go on, the worries lessen. I become more of myself, and better myself, for myself.

I can only hope the same for you too.

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