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Lady Logic

My hope for January was a new start. Mainly a job. Actually, that was totally it. If nothing else came out of the first 31 days of the year, I was saying, please, just let it be some sort of employment.

I was hopeful it was to be one of the two jobs that I went for an interview with, but long before that, I was just hopeful for an interview - anywhere really.

So it's true, January brought me two interviews. And two job offers.

I am very happy with how things have turned out. I think I made the right decision.

Although the job I chose was not the one that was literally down the street and around the corner from our house, it is the job that I see myself being happy at long into the future.

For now it is a small job, but I can see it leading to more hours later on. You've got to start at the bottom to be able to properly appreciate the top right? There is much potential.


On other fronts, more recently, I have taken to some small diy projects, couponing, and finally introduced myself to Ebay. Call me a late bloomer, it's cool, cause I already know ;)

It was actually the couponing that got me interested in Ebay. Always have been spending savvy, not so much for saving, but more like saving (on x+y) to spend more elsewhere (z). That's lady logic for ya :D

Anyways, we've got ourselves a fair sized pantry for stockpiling, but without more of the coupons we'd use, the stockpile itself is limited. After all, who wants a full-priced pantry? Not me.

I've noticed that men tend to be a little funny when it comes to using coupons. In the beginning stages, they tend to let their egos get in the way. Once they start loading up their Jeep with all the free and 1/2 off groceries, they don't mind so much ;)

Only then does it become interesting, because now they can now spend their money elsewhere - like insulating their wannabe man-pit garage, and buying ceramic tile to finish the basement in.

They don't care that you are now addicted to Ebay, that four days in you have 9 purchases under your belt. And that you are now paying for little pieces of paper - that would otherwise be free. They are also hooked. Haha

So it's great that I took advantage of the downtime in my shortage of work hours this week and took to doing some little diys around here. It's always a great feeling to impress a man, and one surefire way of doing it is to cross something off of his todo list.

Removing the old dingy carpet from our boot room might not have been on his list per say- but I was going to put it on there eventually ;) Being the only room left to be done, bottom line is Boo knows I saved him some time so he can spend it doing what he really wants to be doing - planning out his garage.

Now that I have a job, spent some of that money on Ebay to save us more money on our couponing/pantry stockpile, and removed the carpet, we now will have a little money to purchase ceramic tiles for our basement - and a carpet-less place to lay them.

I know it's not by luck that I noticed Home Depots flyer this week.

I was treated with a gift card from my previous co-workers as one of my farewell gifts. I've been excited about all the possibilities of spending it, just waiting for the perfect purchase.

Each passing week I get antsy at the thought of that flyer coming with a special something that I can't pass-up. Two and a half months in, I think I found it!

Front page, staring right back at me was 13x13 ivory ceramic tiles for 63c per sq. ft. and the sale starts today. I think they will be a decent match for our much smaller ivoryish entry tiles, but we'll have to check them out for ourselves.

Last but not least, I also sanded down our stairs this week. I have some finishing touches to do, but nothing major. Just crossed another thing off Boo's to-do list - so if all works out he can now lay those tiles on his four days off. All the steps have led us here ;)

What's going on with your job changes, stockpiling, renovations, and honey do lists? Do you coupon - or can't be bothered? Got lady logic? Do tell.


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  1. I'm no extreme couponer, but I do pretty well at the coupon game, considering we don't have the grocery stores that give triple coupons or anything like that. I actually have a spreadsheet where I keep track of how much ive saved by shopping sales and stuff, and over 10 months ive saved almost $1400, which equated to 10.6 days' worth of pay! It is definitely cool to see it add up. :)


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