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Job Hunting - The Chicken or The Egg?

I've been spending much of the passing weeks involved in the 'great Canadian job hunt'. I am out of experience, but as of recently - I mean yesterday - thankful to have the opportunity, and grateful for the experience this is actually giving me.

I am breaking out of the shell that being unemployed has put me into. The one that I let being unemployed put me into.

Never had I been one to classify people on their jobs. A job does not make you, but I do believe that what you do with that job can. 

A shit shoveler in my books is only a harder worker. It must be hard shovelling shit - but when you go home I bet you feel like the money you took with you is the money you earned. Not everybody can go home like that. 

I've had two interviews in the past two days.

One was great - and the other was better.

I would be happy with either job... but I could be happier with the other.

Now I don't want to put my chickens in one basket, cause I think it could be hard to get them in there, but if they get in on their own, who am I to pull them out??

Chickens scare me.

Interviews used to.

I will keep you updated.



  1. The interview. They can be so subjective at times. Stay resilient and upbeat, and I am sure things will fall into place. I am a believer of things (you get) happen for a reason. BTW I have done shit shovelin...we all do it sometimes, just that its not always in a barn. ;)

  2. Haha! I hear ya ;) I got a call earlier this evening, from the job I was hoping on to go back in tomorrow. This is very exciting stuff!


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