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Laying My Head Where My Heart Is

Haven't been home in 6 months. Who does that?? I mean, who does that when they'd rather be no where else than with their family.

To those other people, I get it. But I can honestly say there's no where I would have rather been than at home, the one where my family lives - second to the home that we live.

Smoochie has been sick. Unable to eat properly with a nasty mouth ulcer. My sweet cat has been syringe fed and popping pills for the last little forever.

She's been my number one priority, but her sore is pretty much non-existent now. She no longer needs syringe feedings, hasn't for months actually, and has been weened off of her many prescriptions.

This is my time to step out and get on home.

It was my 29th birthday weekend two weeks ago. We planned to venture back, but the weather didn't cooperate.

Dread. I woke up that Saturday to a 2am text from my brother dearest saying to not even try the trip.


Turns out they got 2 feet of snow in a couple hours and even he had been scared of ditching his car. That never happens, he's pretty much fearless - a trait I wouldn't mind trying out for a day.

Boo had just gotten his new ride from work two days prior - a 2011 Dodge Avenger in blackberry pearl, talk about a stylish car. It's standard AND automatic. I didn't even know they could do that, you?

This beautiful piece of machinery is an instant upgrade from his Dodge Caliber. Nothing wrong with a Caliber though, I loved that thing. Just that the two are just on a completely different scale. Completely.

So this Avenger, in all it's glory, doesn't have snow tires. It's sporting sports tires, which is fine for the car, and probably bad on us if it snows. I honestly don't know, as I don't know tires.

So, today's the day. We are in the car, it's packed, and we're on our way. I'll be home for Christmas!

Lucky us, there's no snow. Lucky us if there was, as we would have just borrowed a truck. Nothing will keep us.

Not even Boo having food poisoning. It's fresh, and not forgotten. He will probably never eat macaroni salad again.

But not even that will keep us.

I hope that tonight you also get the chance to lay your head where your heart is.

Merry Christmas Folks!



  1. Merry Christmas! Safe travels. I would give anything to be with my family this year, but it just wasn't in our budget. :( The hubby and I will try to make the best of it though. Hard to do when it just doesn't feel like the holidays here.

  2. Oh I hope you had a wonderful trip home! It really is good for the heart:) Happy Holidays!


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