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What a crazy morning it's been.

Let me start at last Saturday's Christmas party. The story begins at a golf course in Kitchener for the dealership that Boo just started working at. He hardly knows anyone there, and the pair of us felt tres awkward.

Neither one the type to jump in and initiate conversation, both sufferers of bad name recall, and with no place to stand but the middle of the section we are currently feeling trapped within. Luckily there's the bar.

Five feet away. People began rounding up their gusto with a glass of whatever. It was beer for me - always in a bottle - and with no tonic for the gin he wanted, a tall boy for Boo. Some introductions began, and brief conversation struck. It wasn't soo bad.

Boo was doing great remembering the names he feared to have forgotten. I was glad to have opted for a pair of dress pants and flats instead of that amazing red dress and who-knows-what pair of heels, making the situation a tad more comfortable.

The owner approaches and it's settled. We will be eating dinner at his table with he and his beautiful wife. It was an honour to have been asked - really.

Boo, wanting to be kind to the ladies chooses a seat two away from the wife. His logic was that I take the seat beside, and the ladies now have someone to talk to. Nice in thought, fatal in function.

Boo is now directly across from the owner at a table set for eight, in which only 7 end up at. There was the owners who Boo's boss bought from, them, us, and a sales manager. Boo is sitting beside me - and an empty chair.

The night goes on, and as everyone is up dancing having a good ole time, we are worried about the long drive back to Hamilton and our own dinner party set for the next day. We decide to step out and go somewhere we both would rather be. Home.

Sunday takes an early start. With planning, preparing, cleaning and cooking - it also becomes a very full day. Dinner comes and goes. It took much longer to come than to go though. Ever notice how that happens?

Anyways, it was a great night spent with friends and family. The four loads of dishes I did on Monday (2 in dishwasher and 2 by hand) are a testament to how much we wanted them to fill their bellies with love. That's the secret to good cooking you know, make it with love.

So what else happened Monday you ask. Well, turns out that party we left early two nights prior had a draw for a flat screen t.v that we won - and a LCBO gift card. Merry, merry Christmas to me, and Boo - and me!

I, being the unemployed one, got the task of taking care of the old t.v and components to be removed from the t.v room and moved into the gym - the old gym t.v components being removed from in there - and the new t.v being set up in the newly emptied t.v room. Another full day.

Since we have only owned tube televisions before this, yes I know...dinosaurs - but dinosaurs that still work and didn't need to be replaced nonetheless - I needed to wait until the evening to have Boo assist with the heavy tube t.v moving part.

He helped me move, then in good ole husband fashion, falls asleep on the couch.

While he was sleeping, I took it upon myself to move our black retro pleather couch into the gym, rearranged more furniture and work-out equipment. I also relayed the foam fitness floor tiles, and did I mention anything about moving a frigen treadmill. Yes I did. Back and forth, back and forth.

The place looked good!

I went to bed sore, yet feeling accomplished. That was at 1am.

Come 6am I am awoken by Boo saying 'what the heck did she do!? - is she crazy?'

Umm, yep. Turns out that I am.

He says how much he likes it, and that I shouldn't have done all that by myself, but I am left feeling like he doesn't know of the amount of work that was involved while he slept, peacefully.

Craving that level of peace myself, I lay my head down and drift back to sleep. It was 6 in the morning after all - and many of my days this week started well before then. I just wanted sleep, so I did.

Half-an-hour later I am awoken again, and this time not so nicely.

There is a loud bang. I think something has broken.

Now there is yelling. Loud 'eff words'. He says the real thing folks, there's no censoring an angry Boo, no effing way.

I posed the question 'Are you okay?' from the couch I drifted asleep on, only to find out my husband had turned certifiable.

No, he was not okay. Someone had loosened the lid on his coffee cup.

Someone must have - because he remembers putting it on properly - right before it crashed to the floor in the entry all over the newly laid ceramic and two day old area rug, his freshly ironed suit a mess, and he was going to be late - and there it was - his cool was lost. A complete goner.

He yelled, he screamed, and he sulked. His morning went to shit and with it so did mine.

While he cleaned up, I went and picked out some new clothes. Would he even wear these ones together?? I ask. He says sure, whatever. He knows I am trying.

Things get better as we get cleaned up. He gets redressed.

Screw off I say, as he comes out telling me I ruined his new dress shirt - the sleeves are now much shorter than I remembered. lol He holds his arms out with a look of despair saying 'look'.

It's undeniable. He was acting like a kid, and now he looks like one too.

He leaves wearing his too short of a shirt. His ego is already crushed so he doesn't have the strength to care, but I do.

I give him a kiss and tell him to 'be a great day' because it's not what happens in our days that makes the story, it's how you handle it - and having someone there to pick up the pieces when they fall to the floor makes the puzzle a little easier to piece back together.

I love Boo for all his strength and for his weaknesses too.

This makes him human, and he makes me crazy.


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  1. Can I go to Crazy with you?? lol I told my mom today that my kids are secretly trying to kill me.

    Ugh - what a mess. It seems these things happen when we are most in a hurry. Hope your hubs got through the day and felt better.


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