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How Far They've Come: A Jewelry Update

You probably wouldn't remember, as it is wild enough that I do. Here are some of my work in progresses, that have progressed. Their fully finished selves are very nice to look at. 

Looking back, Chaos and Prosperity have improved quite a bit. Chaos with those dimensional earrings, and Prosperity with that cute charm, without the charms, bracelet. 

Festive Flower

Festive Flower is where my pride lies. It took me a good year, but looking back at where it all started, this set can finally be called complete. Don't the bronze jump ring chains really pull it together? I love it!

What do you think about the middle to end, did I make the right choices? Anything you would have done differently, besides not taking so long??

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  1. Gorgeous jewelry! I love everything about Festive Flower. Good job!


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