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Light Up Our Lives: A Housing Update

Lighting plays a huge impact on the atmosphere of an area. The smaller the room, probably the more of an importance can be laid. You want a WOW factor, and if done properly lighting can do that for you. 

The rooms around here are pretty small. Not ginormous, as of course this is no mansion we are living in. It's no shack either though. A whole family could - and did - reside in this house quite comfortably with ample space for all. There's lots of room for two. 

Back when we were at our old apartment, long before we ever knew our lives would be changing so drastically, we spent a little money on fixing the place up. 

It did not matter that we did not own it, as other than plaster and paint, the other stuff we could take with us, if the day came upon us. We doubted it ever would, as we were way content living simple back then. 

Mexicana orange and hemp seed, I believe those were the colours we went with. They were so carefully picked out. We even went with Benjamin Moore paint, ooh that's a pricey one! 

When it came to lighting, we picked out a silver toned five bulbed chandelier for the dining room. It was a steal, at half-price or something like that, and we loved it!

A stylish choice in lighting
if I do say so myself

So did the in-laws. 

They were soo pleased with our choices!

Would we mind if they copied?

Of course not. Go ahead!

This is one of those things you looked back on much differently than you seen head on. We've been experiencing that a lot, the everything happens for a reason... the you may not understand at the time but... that kind of stuff.

Not that we whole heartily understand at this point, but you try to make the most of the puzzle with the pieces you have. 

So we went on with our lives. It was quite a while later that everything changed, and after many complications we bought my in-laws home.

That same home that had a matching chandelier to ours within the breakfast nook, right where my in-laws had decided to place it.

Ours went in the dining room. 

Dining room
with our apartment chandelier

Within the kitchen, there's another light. Another light similar in appearance. And yet again, an even bigger chandelier in our entrance way (not shown).

Breakfast Nook
with my in-laws chandelier

Kitchen lighting
similar in style

The light that we took down in order to put ours up, was also a chandelier. It is nothing remotely similar in appearance, and as my sister would say, was very gaudy - until she got her hands on it. 

It was covered in crystals. Hanging, dangling crystals - everywhere. They are now all in a plastic bag, awaiting a visit with the dishwasher (how I love that thing) and we will go from there with repurposing the chandelier.

AG Office lighting
minus the many crystals

 So tonight we finally got this pretty light installed in my office. Although you may not think so looking at this photo, cause honestly neither would I, the light is a great addition. 

It adds such charm to my spare bedroom turned office.

I know that it's been a long time coming, and update pictures for my office are way overdue. Like July overdue. Every time I turn around there's another great idea that pops into my head, and I do not want to do a premature showing. 

I want it to be phenomenal - just like all the other craft room reveals I've read about with great interest on other blogs.

I can't wait!

Pretty much everything in my office has been repurposed. Including our old spice racks we just hung for my promo materials. Besides paint, plaster, trim, and flooring - the bulk of this project has been free. I am cheap.

 Where I come from cheap often adds character, and free is always fabulous. 


Feb 2014: Here's that office update I promised ya :) 

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  1. You betcha!! The best rooms are the ones that are filled with eclectic repurposed things.


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