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The Restraints of Comfort

I've never really been an outgoing gal.

Sure if in my comfort zone, in the comfort of friends I am raring for fun, and quite humorous. I would be considered the instigator of the crazy LOL silliness that will ensue - in those cases.

What's your comfort?
Without my comforts, I can be quite shy. I am definitely not one to try things solo and always find myself feeling awkward when it comes time for meeting strangers. Can you relate?

Wanting to better myself, the myself that I have become over the past 29 years, I have been slowly pushing my limits. Expanding my horizons. Focusing on my fitness.

Experiencing new things and living the life that I want to live.

These are all important parts to my individual growth.

The fact that I lived in Toronto for 8 years and hardly ever went anywhere besides work and back home is disturbing. I didn't know much of the city when I left. Only a little more than when I got there.

I was scared of going out and meeting people alone for fear of meeting the wrong people. Nervous of joining groups, or meeting up with someone I didn't completely know. While already knowing that I tend to be an attractive being for the wackos, I played it safe.

Last Monday I went to join up for beginner pilates classes.


Although it didn't work out as planned, I went there with good intention. Seems their system was down and registering was not an option. I will try again today.

Lets hope those precious spots have not yet been filled up.

I know not a soul who will be there, and I will be going alone. I am looking forward.

Yay me!

What have you been doing to push yourself lately? Maybe there is something you've been thinking of, but just haven't taken the leap to push yourself into action. What is it?



  1. Surprisingly...I am very shy.
    And quiet.
    When my friends found out about my blog they just about died because I've always been the quiet one.
    I joined a yoga for bad backs by myself and went solo. I didn't really meet anyone because well...they were all in their 60's...

  2. I would surely not peg you as a shy girl in the blog world. LOL

    I think it's all in how we present ourselves both in and out of our comforts that really defines us.

    I just registered! Pilates classes start on the 28th.

  3. I think that being outgoing is something you can learn with time.


What do you say?