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Just Floored: Housing Update

So here it is, in all it's pink glory.

Dinning Room

Keep in mind we have done nothing in here, 
with the exception of flooring and lighting. 

Note: The pink is not mine. 
I will not be keeping it.

The flooring is called Sunset Oak. We actually found it at Costco for a really great price.

 $36.99 I believe.

 It's very thick at 15.3mm, with padded back, and a 30 year warranty. Laminate flooring has come a long ways since the early days. 

I just love the hand-scrapped appearance.

Sunset Oak

So the plan is for the upstairs, minus kitchen and bath, to all be done in the same. 

With the dinning room, master bedroom, and my office freshly laid, that leaves the guest room, hallway, and living room yet to be re-floored. 

I'd call that a half-way mark.

Not knowing what will run out first, money or our local Costco's supply, (and while fearing both) we pick up a box or two every time we make it there.


Thing is that when we pick up our box or two, some poor soul(s) (random fellow customer(s)) are seen stuck with choosing from the choices. 

They are noticeably unsure of what style to go with, as we also were. It's a big decision after all. You wouldn't want to make the wrong one. 


On my iPhone there are some of my office pictures, featuring the floor, that I very kindly show them. Like this:

Sewing Nook:
Sunset Oak & Surfer Blue

Thing is that being so kind can have a drawback. Like the panic that hits you upon exiting to the parking lot seeing mass of customers loading your floor into their suv's. 

Oh geeesh. What have I done. 

Regardless, it is a great floor and I would not want to sway a person in the wrong direction. 

My money has run out, hopefully their skids of that flooring wont. 



  1. I really love it. I love how it's dark. We are going to re-do our living room once our bathroom is done and the first thing is the flooring. Cant wait

  2. Gorgeous floor! I love the wide planks and I've been trying to talk the Dave-meistar to put one in my kitchen. Not happening yet.

  3. I love this blog! My husband does flooring and custom interior trim & such for a living, so it's always neat to see other people's projects. And you're right, laminate has come a looooong way!

  4. Love the floor! We're talking about new floors for the living room and dining room and I want something like yours!

  5. Oh you made the right choice! New floors are on our list too, and I'm with you, it's a HUGE decision!


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