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What's Not Gonna Work

We moved to Stoney Creek with a plan. We would live here and work there, with there being Toronto.

Keeping our jobs was important to me. With all these changes coming about within our lives, I took comfort that the job I've went to early mornings for almost 6 years now would remain constant.

Yes. We planned to commute.

It wasn't a bad plan. There are two of us, and we are both going to the same general area, at same times, on the same days.

Although I don't drive, Boo is used to the commute. He made the Hamilton to Toronto, Toronto to Hamilton run for many years, before the time of 'us'.

Highway of dreams come true goes where??
With the addition of a new highway close-by our house, he has said the 45 minute, on a good day, commute wasn't nearly as bad as in previous years.

Awesome, right.

Recently there has been a change in plan. Boo has been offered a new job.

It's one step up the in management ladder at another dealership - which happens to be closer to home. The family he has been working for going on 20 years now has acquired another dealership and they are eager to have him on their other side.

This is great news for Boo if he accepts the position... And he most likely will.
However, I can't help but feel like this is bad news for me. I hate seeking new employment. I truly dislike the process.

On the brighter side, I am sure better things are to come. I know they are. It's just a matter of getting beyond the fact my life is changing more than I'd like it to.

For the moment, I am feeling stuck within time. I've been doing some half-assed soul searching. Trying to figure where exactly I'd like to work, part-time for now, as I will be keeping my current job as long as possible.

If you had to face a change in employment, where would you like to work?

I am thinking somewhere with discounts to make up for the change in income. Maybe more of a fun position, where creativity would be encouraged... honestly, I am thinking Michaels.

There are other ideas in the hat and I would like more. Do tell, where would you work?!