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The Smell Of Success

With the help of my boyfriend, I almost got sprayed this morning. Having spray beamed upon your car window apparently doesn't qualify as a 'man down'.

We left the house late today, around 6am. Half an hour passed the ideal leave time for our Toronto bound commute.

When you leave half an hour later, there seems to be a million plus 5 things that can and probably will go wrong.

Never did I think the payback would happen so soon, 30 seconds in, at the corner of my street.

We pulled up to the stop sign and Boo started freaking out. He was seeing a petite black and white dog boot it across the road ahead. 'Run little doggie. RUN.'

I do a double take and realize quite quickly this is no pup, but rather a skunk.

By the time Boo has this figured, he's already got my window rolled down.

'WATCH THIS' as he proceeds to bark pretty realistically.

Laughter erupts as Little Skunk starts prancing about, tail in the air.

Thankfully Boo was on the ball this morning, and managed to revoke his new jerky status. Almost as quickly as he seemed to roll it down, my window was back up.

Belly laughter could be heard. It was not mine.

I wanted to go home. Unsure if I smelt, and paranoid that I did.

Little Skunk has been target practicing. Boy was his aim spot on.
It is his reaction time that needs improvement.

I smell like Givenchy Intense Play.

It's my lucky day.


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  1. Oh nooooooo! LOL
    That is too close for comfort. Glad you got out of that one. Does your car stink?


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