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Surfer Blue and Sunset Oak

It's been too long friends.

This was a great weekend for getting stuff done. Going into Saturday my office-to-be was looking fresh with new paint from top to bottom.

Surfer blue walls bouncing playfully off of the sunset oat flooring. White quarter round framing the walls making up a future escape, my own office.

In all it's Beauty: Surfer, Behr
The Shine of Sunset Oak

This room has been planned over and over. I carefully measured furniture pieces and their allocated space months ahead, marking each on the floor in my mind.

The budget was not much, as naturally money is tighter than I am used to. I didn't need to spend much regardless.

With a house full of furniture my full intentions were breathing life into the possibilities. Repurposing pieces long forgotten, they were all set aside for another time.

Now and then is a startling difference.

There are no photos, except for the snapshots within my mind.

My next post will likely be the showing off and telling of what I have come up with so far. Photos included.

There is still much work to do with organizing, but now that the ball is rolling, momentum is gaining - along with my excitement. It's a great space.

It will be enjoyed.

Are you redoing a room, maybe some furniture, or have a DIY on the go? It feels great to start a project, and seeing the transformation brings much satisfaction. Show it off. Tell me about it.


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  1. It feels like my husband and I are constantly working on a room - though we really have been since we bought the house a year and a half ago! We're currently working on the back bathroom/laundry room. It started out with no working light fixture, with no working outlets, and a TERRIBLE Pepto Bismol pink color - all of it. All the walls AND the ceiling. We had a contractor come to put in the proper wiring and plumbing for our washer/dryer, as well as a light fixture and outlet near the sink and a fixture for out the back door (which is in this bathroom - weird, huh?). We're still working on fixing up the drywall where he had to go in, but I DEFINITELY look forward to it being a pleasant, airy baby blue with butter yellow accent wall and trim! :)


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